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“Staying connected and staying centered online.”

COVID Safety measures at Center for Spiritual Living Chico image of outdoor event

Why are we waiting to open?

Guiding Principles for Returning to our Center We want to keep everyone safe We want to be as inclusive as possible while keeping everyone safe (participation available in-person and online giving people options) We want everyone to be educated and as comfortable as possible following our COVID protocols Leadership has done the research and they…

Season for Nonviolence purple image with martin luther king gandhi and the dali lama online blog post image for week 1 activities for kids

Season for Nonviolence for kids Week 2

Week 2 of Activities to do at home Build a quiet center within yourself. Allowing yourself to feel calm inside will help you to respond to situations peacefully. Day 8 (Healing) February 6th Remember a time when your feelings were hurt. Then share this experience with a parent or sibling. And let go of the…

Season for Nonviolence purple image with martin luther king gandhi and the dali lama online blog post image for week 1 activities for kids


What is season of non violence? See how younger kids can get involved in this years’ 16th annual “Season for Nonviolence” safely during a pandemic! Starting on January 30th & continues to April 4th. This national event marks the 64 days between two of the most iconic non-violence & peaceful protest activists Gandhi and Dr.…

Kosmic Kids manifestations

Affirmation: I am a conscious creator. Today we are going to play the “I See” game. It will help us visualize what we want but sometimes, our desires have emotional charges or limiting beliefs attached to them. So to help you see quick success in attracting what you want, it’s useful to start with something…

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Kosmic kids meditation exploration

Affirmation: When I listen I will find what I need. Hi everyone It has been a little while sense we have talked about meditation and sense the Taize ceremony was just a short time ago. I thought we may want to try out some fun meditation practices today. But first why not talk about some…

Kosmic Kids One Source

Affirmation: we are from one source. Every day you see something different. Is diffrence bad? The Short answer is no. For a longer answer we have to understand that we  (meaning everything ) is from one source. All things that you see may look, feel,sound, and act differently but everything is connected. So with this knowledge any…

Kosmic Kids Lesson

Affrimation: I am one with the spirit. Spirit means a lot to most people. Yet people see the spirit in different ways. In the science of mind the spirit is “Life or intelligence conceived entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is a vital essence, force, energy, as distinct from matter.” This can be really confusing…

Kosmic Kids Reflection

Affirmation: I understand the importance of reflection. Do you guys know what a reflection is ? I imagine you do, You probably see one every time you look in the mirror. Today I would like to look at self-refection. Self-reflection is a kind of meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions, and motives. We…

Kosmic Kids and change

Affirmation: I am open to change. I am well aware that change can be scary but it is important to be okay that it happens. We do not stand still and time moves without are input. Yet change can lead to many other things. I can think of some amazing new changes in my life.…